About Us

Our boutique brand offers stylish, elegant and unique home textiles and lifestyle products. Our handmade beachwear, homeware and lifestyle products are sourced from Turkey and the UK. We bring you versatile products with traditional patterns which add a touch of beautiful luxury to your home along with being practical and comfortable

What we offer is not new, however, it is a new experience for people who appreciate the stories behind the products.

Our dream to create HillyJo was born when we were visiting Turkey. The business began when we brought beautiful, unique and well-made items back to the UK where there is a market for long-lasting authentic Turkish textiles.

The goods we bring to the UK are handmade by family-owned artisan craftsmen from towns such as Buldan which is famous for traditional high-quality textiles.

Our passion is inspired by the variety and quality of the products which are made in a place of rich culture and natural beauty. Our customers appreciate the stories behind the goods; the main product in the home range is the traditional peshtemal hammam towel which has been used for centuries in Turkish baths.

While the peshtemal was a popular and in demand starting product, the range has continued to grow and now includes home textiles, beachwear and lifestyle items from Turkey and the UK. All of our products are very popular due to their quality. They are also practical and versatile and add a touch of style and individuality to both traditional and modern homes.

Although originally all from Turkey, we are now proud to bring British made products to our artisan range. We personally meet all our producers regularly to ensure we can handpick any new products to offer the best quality and range to our customers. All products are sourced ethically and produced in traditional ways ensuring their high-quality. They are unique and offer our customers individuality and style.

We value ethnically made products and the ability to create new sources of income for our suppliers. Small batch production by family-run artisanal businesses also benefits the customer; the products are lovingly made, high quality and unique.

We work hard at listening to our customers and watch the market carefully; keeping up-to-date with lifestyle articles and style fashions. We combine our key pieces with new and fresh items from both Turkey and now the UK to ensure we are at the forefront of what our customers want. 

At the heart of it all, we uphold the original ethos of sharing these lovingly hand-made products to our customers!