What is a peshtemal?

What is the benefit of bamboo texture?

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

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We are delighted to be featured in some of the most leading travel and lifestyle magazines. There is no doubt that our stylish and practical Hammam towels are editors’ favourite and were picked out on the monthly issues. 2018 & 2019 Gloucestershire Festival of Polo – Beaufort Polo Club The two-day spectacle event is held […]

Relaxation Guilt, and how to lose it!

Relaxing is not something that comes easy in today’s ‘always on’ world. It’s a culture which glorifies ‘busy’, and assigns self-worth with productivity, so the fact that our minds guilt trip us into not relaxing (because relaxation ’isn’t productive’) is hardly surprising! We’ve internalised this idea that we need to be working all the time. […]

Independent Oxford Interview

I talked to Rosie from Independent Oxford about HillyJo and our story. TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF, AND WHY YOU STARTED HILLY JO. I am originally from Turkey and have lived in the UK for over a decade. After completing my master’s degree in International Strategic Management, I worked in the market research and luxury automotive […]