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HillyJo is our small boutique brand, inspired by traditional Turkish "Peştamal" towels, which offers stylish, elegant and unique home textiles and lifestyle products. Our passion arises out of the gorgeous Aegean coast with its rich culture and natural beauty.

What we offer is not new, however, it is a new experience for people who appreciate the stories behind the products.

 Here is our story; our founder is Hilal Johnson, is originally from Turkey and has lived in the UK for over a decade.

 During this time, she has been visiting her family and friends regularly in Turkey and spending her summer holidays in her hometown of Izmir. Close to here is a small, very traditional Turkish village called " Alaçati " with beautiful artisan products which inspired her to start her own business of bringing these lovely well-made items back to the UK and so formed HillyJo Ltd.

 She was so inspired by the variety and quality of the traditional items being produced that she knew there would be great interest in the UK lifestyle environment. Our customers can now buy well-known Mediterranean goods such as Peshtemal (Hammam Towel) and generally high-quality lifestyle textiles from their home country.


Our product range includes home textiles, beachwear and lifestyle items. The goods are generally produced and many handmade by family-owned artisan craftsmen from towns such as Buldan which is famous for traditional high-quality textiles.

Peshtemal (hammam towel) is our main product in the home textile range, which is a traditional towel that has been used for centuries in Turkish baths. With its quality texture and strong water absorption, this unique towel is also ideal for daily use. It can be used on the beach as a towel or sarong, at the gym or as a picnic blanket. Being lightweight it creates a practical and stylish item.  Our 100% cotton throws, and kitchen linens are also must-have items from our home collection, sumptuously soft and wonderfully versatile.

We feel we are offering textiles which are individual and high quality. Being sourced and produced in the traditional way sets us apart from the mass-produced commercial market.

Our products are tasteful and stylish and offer our customers an element of individuality.

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