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What is a transparent shopping experience?

For the Fashion revolution week, 19th to 25th April,  we want to highlight the importance of the transparent production process and focus on ethical fashion.

In recent years we have been hearing more and more about “ethical fashion“ which has now become a key element for consumers when making a purchasing decision. So, what is ethical fashion?

For us, creating a transparent production chain was a crucial part of our business model, so when we started on our journey, we made sure that our products were manufactured suitably from the design process to their final finished article. As a result of this we prefer to work with small artisans and specialists, allowing us to monitor each stage of manufacture and delivery from Turkey to the UK. This short chain ensures we can adhere to our declared standards.

Furthermore, it is important for us to build a close relationship with our small family-owned artisan producers as we can be involved closely from the start, such as choosing the materials, designs and colours. We also believe that trusting in their traditional methods and experience has created a long- lasting business relationship for both us and them and these values are helping us to offer good quality products.

This year we have also introduced a new line of British made products to our lifestyle collection. Although it was a huge risk to bring a new product to our small business during the pandemic, we decided we wanted to explore the opportunity of working with UK artisan makers.

Initially, finding the right suppliers was challenging which took a little time, as we were focusing on not only the product quality but also needed to trace the production and the supply chain so we could be sure the items met our standard.

Who is going to make our products, where and how? The working conditions, production facility etc. are all  factors that influence our decision for choosing our suppliers to ensure and maintain exact standards across our range.

We value our customer’s opinion and encourage feed-back where we can. Only by maintaining our own working standards can we achieve a good and ethical buying experience from our brand.

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  1. Very wonderful initiative!

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